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Bobbie Stewart Consulting (BSC) is an educational program which provides a range of services in the Yolo County area, including Supervised Visitation Monitoring, Anger Management, and 52-week Batterer’s Intervention (Domestic Violence) Program. Clients are referred by the Criminal Court, Family Court, Dependency Court, Probation, Parole, and Child Welfare (CPS). Clients may also attend voluntarily. 

The core principles of practice of BSC are safety, accountability, and collaboration, with the ultimate goal of protecting and strengthening families. The foundation of all work is a child, family, and community wellbeing framework that includes a focus on identifying and enhancing protective factors for individuals and families. 

BSC believes in treating clients and families with dignity and respect; providing individual, flexible and responsive support; sharing information so informed decisions can be made; and providing the necessary resources and support for clients that produce positive outcomes.

BSC endeavors to create a safe, non-judgmental environment in which our clients, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation or identity, spiritual beliefs, or cultural background receive the information and support they need to make confident, informed decisions about their lives. 

BSC strives to promote increased safety for victims, children, and other family members, as well as provide a meaningful opportunity for clients to change their behavior.


108 N. East Street, Woodland, CA. 95776
(916) 806-1884